Practical Family Law Tips Panel #1 (1 Hour CLE)

Topics: (1) What to do when—you do not have grounds for divorce, the judge will not rule, and you are not getting paid.  (2) How to handle domestic abuse orders—why you might not want to go there, where and when you should file them, and how to respond to the other party’s attorney’s fees for false allegations; and (3) Understanding Guardian Ad Litems—when you should ask for one, who you should ask for, what your appointment order should include, how to avoid hearsay problems, and how to handle GAL fees.

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Seminar Date:
January 11, 2019
Practical Family Law Tips Panel #1
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Cassidy Anderson   [ view bio ]
David Bridges   [ view bio ]
Amy Pietrowski   [ view bio ]
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Mississippi Bar
Total CLE Hours: 1.00
MS BAR Price:$50.00